Pub. 2 2013-2014 Issue 1

Contents: •4 A Gift of Appreciation/CBWV is pleased to announce its new Officers and Board of Directors for 2013-2014 •6 Thank you to our sponsors / Upcoming Events •8 From the Top: Fighting for What’s Right •9 Highlights of the CBWV Annual Convention •10 Bank Acquisitions Simplified •11 Council’s Award •14 Banking Like a Start-up •16 CFPB Guidance on Reducing Enforcement Liability Creates Compliance Dilemma •18 How to Manage Facilities and Secutiry to Deal with Weather •20 New Mortgage Servicing Rules Affecting Community Banks Of f i c i a l Pub l i ca t i on of The Commun i t y B ank e r s of We s t V i rg i n i a     S umme r 2 0 1 3