Pub. 2 2013-2014 Issue 4

OF F I C I A L PUB L I CA T I ON OF THE COMMUN I T Y B ANK E R S OF WE S T V I RG I N I A   S P R I NG 2 0 1 4 CONTENTS: •4 Promoting and Protecting the Interest in Community Banks •6 Fine Points: Getting GSE Reform Right •8 Loss Mitigation: Here to Stay •10 Community Bankers of West Virginia Supports Small Businesses •11 Dodd-Frank, CFPB and Forced Place Insurance •12 Loan Originators & Overtime: What Should Employers Do? •13 Steady Freddies… and Fannies and Ginnies •16 By the Numbers: The Increasing Trend in Vulnerabilities •18 Serving the Underbanked: Remember the Golden Rule •19 Using SBA to Help With Small Business Finance •20 Client Alert: Do You Lose Privilege When Your Attorneys Sign Your Proofs of Claim? •22 Bank Member News •25 As Technology Propels the World Forward, Webinar Training Keeps You in the Know •26 Banish the Separative Approach to Risk Management