Pub. 5 2016-2017 Issue 2

OF F I C I A L PUB L I CA T I ON OF THE COMMUN I T Y B ANK E R S OF WE S T V I RG I N I A  F A L L 2 0 1 6 CONTENTS: •3 CBWVWill Continue toWork for You •4 An Important Distinction •7 Get in the Game! If YouWon’t Speak up For Community Banking, Who Will? • 8 By the Numbers: Is Your Bank Ready for the New Overtime Rules? •10 The SBA Express Loan Program— A Good Starting Point •12 Client Alert: Be Careful: The EEOC Issues New Guidance on Workplace Retaliation •14 Superstar Associates •18 When it Comes to Cybersecurity and Your Bank, What Do Your Customers Think? •19 Stop the Skimming •20 Be Careful When Accepting Debt Payments—The WVCCPA Is Full of Pitfalls •22 Conferences •24 Feature Member Bank • 27 Feature Associate Member •28 Member News • 30 Upcoming Webinars