Pub. 5 2016-2017 Issue 3

OF F I C I A L PUB L I CA T I ON OF THE COMMUN I T Y B ANK E R S OF WE S T V I RG I N I A  WI NT E R 2 0 1 7 CONTENTS: • 3 Leaving a Legacy • 4 Finding Common Ground • 6 Muni Madness • 7 The Eyes Have It: Five Important Tips for a Financial Institution to Battle ATM Skimming Fraud • 9 Plan for Prosperity: The Community Bank Agenda for Economic Growth •12 In Memory of Our Friend and Colleague Bob Barroner •14 Enter an Era of Disruption to Community Banks •16 SBA Grow Refinance Program •18 By the Numbers: Logical Access •20 West Virginia Housing Development Fund Working to Help Low-Income Families •21 Client Alert: What Every Community Banker Should Know About Bankruptcy Basics: •22 Benefits Buzz • 23 The FLSA: The Overtime Rule Changes That Weren’t (Yet!) • 24 Bank Member News •25 Feature Associate Member •26 3 Keys to Implementing Your Branch Transformation • 27 Upcoming Webinars